About CityLimitBiz Classifieds

From the desk of George Koszegi…

Customers First


Within the framework of the internet and its vast business opportunities, my vision has always been to build a “Classified Ad Website” that would be  Safe, Fast, and User Friendly.

We never ask our customers for sensitive financial information. Instead, we rely on PayPal, the largest and safest gateway for financial transactions in the world. All our ads are monitored by live staff members (even the free ads). We never share or sell user data. Our customers come first.

Forward Thinking


After years of relentless hard work and dedication, CityLimitBiz.com has become one of the most technologically advanced marketing tools in the world. To Learn more, please visit our “Tutorial Videos.”

Our videos show you many of our website options and features, including how to post ads and how you can search for local items and services without the (outdated) necessity of entering a mileage radius or keyword to find what interests you.

Simpler Searches


Our “One Click” navigation tools are a pleasure to use. We made it that way because we care about our customers.

Our “One Click” system enables users to search for items and services with ease and speed. Our website also provides a unique feature that allows users to search for ads by city, state, and nationwide. Narrow your search to your hometown or broaden your search. It’s up to you, and everything is just a click away.

Customer Support


I want to offer the best experience I can. This begins with great features and support. That said, we provide an excellent FAQ Guideline Page to assist you. Almost all customer questions are answered for you. It’s faster to browse the FAQ and Guidelines than it is to wait for a customer service response.

Please check to see if we have an answer to your question already. If you still can’t find the answer to your question, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

More about the Koszegi family…

  • Joseph Koszegi (1880’s) – Manufacturer of wagons in Hungary.
  • Ferenc Koszegi (1940’s) – Manufacturer of luggage in Hungary.
  • Endre Koszegi (1970’s) – Manufacturer of soft-sided cases for Apple, Hewlitt Packard, Motorola, Zenith, RCA, Texas Instruments, and more.

Today: George Koszegi is founder and CEO of CityLimitBiz.com. He carries on a family tradition of entrepreneurship and a deep dedication to old-world values that include treating customers with dignity and respect.

TIP! CityLimitBiz Classifieds provides 25,000+ cities to post ads from. An automated scroll list appears when you post an ad. However, if you don’t see your city listed, we recommend that you choose the nearest city. The website is designed to search by location across the entire country. Also, even though our tutorials show you the ease of nationwide searching, we are reemphasizing the fact that in any given state (with or without ads), you can still click on any subcategory and then click on the blue “Go” button to see if your interest in an item or service might be available somewhere else across the country. No matter how you choose to search our ads, navigation will be simple and fast.

Thank You for visiting our website and don’t forget to check out “Places to Visit” shown under the Category of Social Billboard. It is highly educational and uniquely entertaining for all ages. As an added note, if you visit any of these sites, look for their YouTube button. It will make you feel like you were there in person. Isn’t the internet wonderful!

Enjoy your day and always remember, “For a better future one must look beyond the Horizon.”

George Koszegi